Maintenance Membership

Become eligible for a maintenance membership by first receiving an initial detail at full price.

That ensures your vehicle is in a maintainable condition.

What is the maintenance membership?

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Being apart of the maintenance membership means to be a client that we see regularly keeping your vehicle as clean as possible. Your maintenance schedule is what suits you best, whether that is once every month or even just twice a year. Every vehicle and every one of our clients are unique and our services are to serve you in a way that is most fitting! unlike the standard detail services, the maintenance plan comes at a DISCOUNTED rate depending on your desired plan.


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12 Week Plan

  • Sedan: $110
  • Truck/SUV/Jeep: $190
  • Minivan: $220

8 Week Plan

  • Sedan: $100
  • Truck/SUV/Jeep: $150
  • Minivan: $160

4 Week Plan

  • Sedan: $75
  • Truck/SUV/Jeep: $120
  • Minivan: $130

*Pricing may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle.

* First time clients require complete detail first.

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