Frequently Asked Questions

What is Izaguirre Mobile Detailing and what services do they offer?

 Izaguirre mobile detailing is a mobile car detailing business that provides a variety of services including general car detailing as well as paint correction and ceramic coatings.

What is the process of ceramic coating and how does it protect my car's paint?

The ceramic coating process is roughly a 10-12 hour process starting from washing, decontaminating, paint correcting and finally applying a layer of ceramic coating. The ceramic coating bonds to the paints surface, crystallizes and creates a super durable, glossy skin for the exterior of your vehicle.

What is paint correction and why is it necessary before applying a ceramic coating?

Paint correction is the process of breaking down the clear coat of your vehicle to riddle away imperfections in the vehicle paint to prepare the vehicle for the ceramic coating. This is a crucial part to the process, we like to say a cracked phone has no use for a screen protector anymore. Your vehicle is the same concept.

What are the different types of auto detailing services offered by Izaguirre Mobile Detailing?

Izaguirre Mobile Detailing offers interior detailing, exterior detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating services.

How does the pricing work for different services at Izaguirre Mobile Detailing?

Pricing can be difficult but here at Izaguirre Mobile Detailing we’ve made it as simple as possible. For our detailing services we have a minimum and maximum price range where your vehicle will fall in depending on the vehicle condition. For our paint correction and ceramic coating services we have starting prices for these services and try our best to stick to the starting price.

What is the Maintenance Membership program and how can I become eligible for it?

Our Maintenance Membership Program is where you can be part of our maintenance schedule, you will have your own designated date and time on your desired interval of service. (Monthly, Bi Monthly, Quartly, weekly.) To be eligible you must first have a complete detail done for your vehicle so it is in a maintainable condition.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Maintenance Membership program?

With our Maintenance Membership Program you can count on having a consistently clean vehicle at your convenience. This will be at a discounted rate where we not only clean your vehicle but also make sure it stays protected.

How does Izaguirre Mobile Detailing's mobile service work?

Simply contact us or book online. Confirm your appointment a day prior. Upon arrival we will give you a call, we will need the keys in case the vehicle locks, let us know where we can access electricity and we will get started on your vehcile!

What areas does Izaguirre Mobile Detailing service?

We service the Cobb County and Atlanta GA area and surrounding areas.

What is included in the Complete Detail package?

The Complete Detail includes everything your vehicle could need from Washing, Decintaminating, Waxing, steam cleaning, shampoo, cleaning cracks and crevices and protecting the interior as well.

What is the process of removing scratches from my vehicle's paint?

First we must completly wash, decontaminate, and remove any waxes off the vehicles paint to ensure we are working with bare clear coat. Then break down the clear coat to remove the scratch with a machine polisher and polish abrasives.

What is the difference between the 1 Year, 3 Year, 6 Year, and Lifetime Ceramic Coating Packages?

The biggest difference between the ceramic coating packages will be the durability of the ceramic coating.

What additional services can I add to my detailing package?

We have Add On Services including Windshield Rain Reppellant, Headlight Restoration, Engine Bay Cleaning, Ceramic Coating rims and/or glass, 6 Month Paint Sealan, and a All In One Polish.

How long does the paint correction process take?

We have different levels of paint correction services that can range anywhere from 6-12 hours.

How can I schedule a service with Izaguirre Mobile Detailing?

You can contact us to schedule Via Call, Text, Email or Online Booking.

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